Hello! I am Jason Brown, a 1st year Computer Science PhD student studying at Cambridge with an M.Eng in Computer and Information Engineering. Iā€™m mostly interested in AI alignment and trying to make AI have a positive impact on our future. I also like writing about broader Philosophical things.


2024; Text mining for contexts and relationships in cancer genomics literature; C Collins, S Baker, J Brown, H Zheng, A Chan, U Stenius, M Narita, A Korhonen; Bioinformatics

2022; DARTFormer: Finding The Best Type Of Attention; JR Brown, Y Zhao, I Shumailov, RD Mullins; NeurIPS 2022 ICBINB Workshop

2022; Wide Attention Is The Way Forward For Transformers?; JR Brown, Y Zhao, I Shumailov, RD Mullins; NeurIPS 2022 Attention Workshop


2024; Reward Learning from Multiple Types of Human Feedback; JR Brown, CH Ek, RD Mullins;


Each post is listed with date of first publication anywhere, date of last major edit, and word count. They are ordered in a rough order of recommended reading rather than chronologically.


2023-01-08, 2024-04-24 | ā€‚194 words | Disclaimers and Context


2023-01-11, 2024-04-24 | ā€‚540 words | What is a Hole? Ask a Mathematician.

2022-10-03, 2024-04-24 | 1224 words | Philosophical Foundations

Artificial Intelligence

2022-06-17, 2023-01-08 | 3885 words | Quantifying General Intelligence (External)

2023-01-06, 2023-01-06 | 2360 words | Risks of Advanced AI


2023-02-09, 2024-04-24 | ā€‚??? words | How To Care About Existential Risk Without Needing Hard Longtermism


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